About Gylling Teknik AB

Information about the company

Gylling Teknikk AS was founded as Norwegian Shareholder Company on may 1st 1983. We have since then been a supplier of batteries, labeling systems and electromechanical products to industry, hospitals and defence. We can deliver single components, or we can make a total solution.

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A total solution from us does not merely mean delivering a number of cells or relays connected together. We often try to "go behind" and find out what the costumer really need, and then we suggest a solution that often can consist of electronics, tooling and moulding of plastic cases for batteries, relays etc.


We can do this for new products, or improve the performance of excisting products.

As an independent company we can choose and pick the best products in each segment, we do not have to stick to whatever product that may come from a foreign owner.

Contact information:
Gylling Teknikk AS
Rudsletta 71
Mailbox 103
1309 Rud

Phone: +47 67151400
Fax: +47 67151401
Email: gylling@gyllingteknik.se