Protection modules

Safety and cellbalancing boards for LiFePO4

Protection module for 4 cells LiFePO4 with current, overvoltage, and undervoltage protection

The pcb will take care of safety on all cells with LiFePO4 technology in order to have a transportation approval. The leads is to connect the balancing function between the cells to obtain maximum lifetime. The battery management systems is designed to work with A123 Lithium nanophosphate but works also perfect with other Lithium iron phosphate technologies.


 Type no. GBS 4. 13,2 6A
 Max current, discharge 8 amp.
 Max current, charge 5 amp.
 Max voltage disconnect 15,2 Volt (3,8V/cell)
 Low voltage disconnect 8 Volt      (2V/cell)
 Lead lenght 20cm
 Size 4x4cm
 Current consumption 70µA
 Short Circuit protection Yes


Multi protection module designed to balance and protect LiFePO4 batterypacks.

By a dip switch you can program how many cells in a pack you will balance and protect, it is designed for 3-4-6-7 and 8 cells.



 Type no. GBS 3-8-17A     
 Max current, discharge 17 amp.
 Max current, charge 12 amp.
 Max voltage disconnect 3,8 V/Cell
 Low voltage disconnect 2V/Cell
 Size 52x65mm
 Short circuit protection Yes
 Current consumption 100µA